The plant ecology and conservation group is a network of ecologists and conservation experts throughout India. The mission of the group is to promote the conservation of native and threatened (Vulnerable, Endangered and Critically Endangered) plants and their habitats through research, collaboration, education, and capacity building and facilitate the recovery of rare, threatened, and endangered plants of India.

Current experts

Aabid Hussain Mir (PhD Evs) 

Gunjana Chaudhury(PhD Evs) 

Licha Jeri(PhD Botany) 

Nazir A Bhat(PhD Botany) 

Rajib Bohra(PhD Biotech) 

Amanda Lyngdoh(PhD Evs) 

Khrote-ü-Lasushe(PhD Evs) 

If you are interested to join our group, please send us your detailed CV and expertise details to 

            Available facilities 

GPS (Global Positioning System), Net-house, Water distillation unit, Lux meter, Weighing balance, pH meter, Shaker, Hot plate, Microscope, Refrigerator, Laminar airflow (small), Centrifuge, Autoclave, Incubator, Oven, Glassware

Current thrust species

Aconitum heterophyllum

Aconitum heterophyllum (Critically Endangered)


Aconitum chasmanthum (Critically Endangered)

Magnolia lanuginosa (Wall

Magnolia lanuginosa (Data Deficient)

Ilex khasiana  (2)

Ilex khasiana (Critically Endangered)

Ilex venulosa  (12)

Ilex venulosa (Endangered)

Lilium polyphyllum

Lilium polyphyllum (Critically Endangered)

Ilex embelioides  (6)

Ilex embelioides (Vulnerable)


Magnolia rabaniana (Data Deficient)


Nepenthes khasiana (Endangered)


Magnolia caveana (Data Deficient)


Adinandra griffithii (Critically Endangered)


Illicium griffithii (Endangered)


Magnolia punduana (Data Deficient)


Taxus wallichiana (Endangered)


Aquilaria khasiana (Critically Endangered)


Elaeocarpus prunifolius (Vulnerable)

Gentiana kurroo

Gentiana kurroo (Critically Endangered)

Saussurea costus

Saussurea costus (Critically Endangered)

Elaeocarpus rugosus

Elaeocarpus rugosus (Vulnerable)

Ixonanthes khasiana

Ixonanthes khasiana (Vulnerable)

Cleyera grandiflora

Cleyera grandiflora (Endangered)

Pyrenaria cherrapunjeana

Pyrenaria cherrapunjeana (Critically Endangered)

Amentotaxus assamica (1)

Amentotaxus assamica (Endangered)

Rhododendron subansiriense

Rhododendron subansiriense (Vulnerable)

Cayratia pedata

Cayratia pedata (Vulnerable)

Saurauia punduana

Saurauia punduana (Critically Endangered)

Hydnocarpus kurzii

Hydnocarpus kurzii (Data Deficient)

Cayratia pedata

Cayratia pedata (Vulnerable)

Vatica lanceaefolia

Vatica lanceaefolia (Critically Endangered)